One year later, not much accomplished

January 4, 2015

It has been a year since I posted that first entry,
which I promptly forgot. However, I have been working
toward my solitary life. I have waited now for 1.5 years
for the local priest to become my spiritual director.
So far, no go. Since I had no one to “guide” me, I have
been doing it on my own.

One of the ways I have been learning has been from books,
lots of books. I have 3 bookcases of nothing but spiritual
tomes of all kinds. I had also discovered Kindle books
that I was using on my laptop. Christmas found me buying
something I always said I wouldn’t buy … I bought a nook.
Since purchasing it, I have added 300+ books to it, most
are on the spiritual life.

Today, I was on Goodreads where I discovered a great book
blog and found my blog.

I am going to try blogging again. My goals
will be to document my journey and post
about the books I plan to use to help me
with my formation this year.

My initial list has 52 books and 4 reference books.
Most are for spiritual growth, the rest are for my
personal growth. I plan to read 104 books in 2015.
The second half hasn’t been decided yet.


My journey to the contemplative life of a lay solitary

December 27, 2009

On January 1, 2014, I began my vocation as a lay solitary.
I plan to blog about the journey, as it is accomplished one day at a time.